Clip Lights that Clip to Anything

Well hello there light people. I am writing you a story about my clip on light.  I got my first clip light in New Orleans during jazz fest.  It was perfect for the night rides by the river and venue to venue. Now I don’t actually clip the light on to my bike, nor my helmet.  I find the best location for me is clipped on my halter top right between my cleavage.  Because of the fip around action of the light it clips on and aims straight where my torso is looking. I continued to use the light in San Francisco clipping in a variety of ways.  It made it through several festivals including Burning Man, then alas, my first light was lost when my backpack fell off my bike in Amsterdam.

Never fear back in New Orleans this year I picked another one up and am happy cleavage clipping and lighting my way again.

Thanks for the novel design which allows me to light my way…

Thanks so much,

Ginger S., CA