A Princess’ First Bike

This is my story about how I use “Safety Light-Flashing Strobe”…

I purchased this little light on 7/12/04… This is the first light I an getting for my 3 year olds first 12inch bike.  I wanted it to be really special so I bought her a new Disney Princess bike (with training wheels of course!) and I purchased several items to match including a helmet, knee and elbow pads, a little horn and this light.  This little flashing light was perfect because it matched her bike so well and most importantly was bright enough to see leaving me feeling comfortable that she would be seen if out in the evening, not to mention the fact that it’s purple; which happens to be her favorite color right now. So now that we have the whole package of riding gear, needless to say, the little one is happy AND SAFE!

Aleisha H., NY