Here Comes the Queen

I am a member of Dames Aflame, our local chapter of the International Red Hat Society, in fact, I was elected Queen Mother.  This group is for more “mature” (nice name for older) women over 50 who refuse to bow to the gradual decay of advancing years, and have an ATTITUDE. It’s based on Jenny Joseph’s poem “When I am an old women, I shall wear purple, with a red hat which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me…” etc.

We thumb our noses at conventional activities and thrive on the daring, proudly wearing our passionate purple outfits with outlandish red hats.

I, as the Queen Mother, am privileged to wear a rhinestone crown – complete with my added touch of my purple flashing strobe light! Nobody will dare to ignore me!

Incidentally, I am 88 years old (but I suspect I never really grew up.)


Luisa L., CA

“Good Queen Rosie the Rediculous”